Monday, February 26, 2018

the GIFt that keeps on GIFing

i'll be honest - i thought GIFs merely existed to serve as reactions and responses on social media (in particular, more than just cats making funny faces). i never really thought about them outside of their purpose for humor, nor did i think of them as anything merely than just a loop of a person/animal/object doing something. i would've never put the words "art" and "GIF" in the same sentence, or realize that even a loading bar is technically a GIF. that being said, i've enjoyed looking at GIFs from a more objective standpoint - looking at what they are and can do, besides just making us smirk on the internet.

Related image
Exhibit A of what we all really thought a GIF was meant for.
additionally, i think my favorite part is how GIFs can transform into little pieces of digital art by layering them with artistic touches. when we looked at Giphy for the short time we were in class last week, i think a lot of us were delighted to find out that the site had added stickers, filters, and text effects. you can even draw on them! i think that takes GIFs to a whole new level. for example, while browsing the tumblr of Museum GIFs, i found one that utilizes both filters & animated drawing to create a new piece of art from, well, art.

I wish they could project those lines onto the real thing! Imagine how that would look!
while that is a lovely GIF, i was inspired to make my own mini work of digital art through the power of Giphy for this week's Make...i maaaay have gotten a little carried away with the filters and range of stickers. with that being said, it's a good thing art is subjective.

Gee, I wonder what this GIF is trying to say to the world... I guess we'll never know.
i also made another GIF to express the one universal flaw in what would otherwise be a perfect concept:

The struggle is real.
no matter what GIFs are used for, they sure are fun! whether you use them for memes, art, to tell a story, capture a looping moment of beauty, or what have you, they're an easy and great mode of expression! to add, there are a plethora of sites that help you create your perfect GIF and share it with the virtual world. GIF us more, please~!

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