Monday, March 5, 2018


as we say goodbye to our digital art segment, i think our last Make - the GIF It All Together one - is definitely a great way to end. additionally, i'd like to say i'm pretty proud at how my GIF turned out. but first, we have to go back to the beginning! we started out with the GIFing a Process Make, which i created based off of my poetry process photoset. i used a filter on Giphy to make sure all of the photos had the same basic color aesthetic, and kept the pictures moving at a good pace - not too fast, not too slow.

 then when that was done, i started on the second make. i wanted to think of what concept really resonated with me the most so far when thinking about Digital Life & Art, and i knew it could only be one thing - the importance of creation, of doing. i think maybe it ties in with my relationship with my thesis, too, which makes sense. i wanted to think about all of the different ways digital art can be created, and how inspiration can show itself literally and metaphorically in a variety of forms. the only way for something to happen is to just do it - so why not? putting your creative self forward is a big step and a bit intimidating at times, but you don't know anything until you hit that send button & lay it out for the virtual world to experience.

when making the GIF, i found a few of them through the Giphy search engine. i also googled some examples of digital art as well. i wanted a mixture of GIFs & images that showed the spectrum of what art can be, as well as making sure they were also visually inspiring & engaging. images that would make me want to draw, write poetry, sculpt, paint, ect. something that gets those creative muscles in gear! but, as i said, i was pretty proud of it. and even though all of the images combined were subtle enough to say "hey!! inspiring art!!" i wanted to make sure everyone heard it loud & clear, so i wrote a big CREATE across the screen to add to the trippy GIF.

list of my MAKEs so far

speaking of creating, time to turn toward the DDAs for the week!

ok, ok, maybe this one is less creating, but i still wanted to share! i keep rewatching this GIF and falling more and more in love with this dog each second. i think Felix might have some competition for the cutest dog award now!
this DDA was a bit sillier, but i loved the concept. i never really think of playing cards as prompts for stories, but i think it's gonna be hard to get out of my head now before i go play a round of cards downstairs later!

list of my DDAs so far

as we move along our #netnarr journey, it's interesting to see where i am in the twitterverse via the TAGSexplorer. i didn't know if i could zoom in or move it around, because my computer wouldn't let me. i don't have a mouse with me, so maybe that would've helped, so sorry about the bad screenshot.

i am but a small red dot, and @dogtrax is looming over us all.

and, last but not least:

links to all my blog posts so far

 i think the whirlwind of #netnarr, it's good to have some housekeeping going on, especially as we move on to the next segment. as we move into gaming, i'm excited to share some of my favorite games. in the real world, i love cards (as said above), especially Euchre, Crazy Eights, and Hearts. in terms of board games, i'm a big fan of Catan and Parcheesi, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf (which is not really a board or card game, but resembles Mafia). online, Board Game Online is a great experience maybe we can play in class, as it's free, fast, and fun. other online games i love to play are Sims and Civilization, but those are harder to include in our class.

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